Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things We Love.

Dear readers, it appears that I may have the flu.  Or a cold.  (Probably a cold.)  And I've been doing some thinking:  I think that you should know about Kate Spade's new inspiration book, Things We Love, because, well, you know you love Kate Spade.  Not to mention, this is the kind of book that would put Debby Downer in a good mood.  I mean, look at these things we love:

A little bit of sparkle?  


Peonies and gold confetti...?


Road trips & fortune cookies...?

Of course!

Stripes & the perfect red lipstick...?


As you can see this book looks like the happiest coffee table book ever made.  It's so perky!  It makes me think of "A Few of My Favorite Things" know... and then I don't feeeeel so baaaaaaaad.... This book may be the cure to the flu (or a cold). Thought you might like to jot it down on your Christmas wish list... another thing to love!

{images + inspiration via felt & wire}

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