Thursday, November 18, 2010


I remember in our house growing up, it seems we had some of these end tables in our den or living room.  They looked like this and they opened up.  In fact I might've used them as a kid to hide candy and barbie dolls away from my sister.  It is a nostalgic piece of furniture but man is it u-g-l-y.  If you have one in your house I mean no offense!  I'm just suggesting that it still has potential as a...

doggy bed!  Yeah!  

Now if only Mable were the size of a little wiener dog.


Laura said...

oh that is too cute and such a great idea!! I just have to get me a wiener dog now...haha!

Lynn said...

Very cute. My grandmother had tables like that but the doors were glass. I distinctly remember climbing in them and hanging out. See you soon..


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