Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide!

Hello!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & friends.  If you are even a little bit like me, you didn't touch Black Friday with a ten foot pole, which means you still have to shop.  And if so, you are in luck because I'm posting something of a gift-guide this year.  At the top of the list are...:

Ever since I saw the above photo (and this post on Cup of Jo)  I've been craving a pair.  They come with a larger price tag than most rain boots, but I thought they'd be perfect for tromping around campus in the mud (and maybe snow?).  These boots are downright flattering because they hit your leg a little higher than most rainbows and the result is a winning pair of long lean legs.  And they come in a rainbow's variety of colors, for men, women and children!

Simply put, it is the prettiest, dreamiest pottery around and it makes such a stunning presentation in the home.  You could give these beautiful pieces to thrill anyone: mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, sisters & friends.  Make sure they know every piece is hand made by a local Athenian artisan.

What could be more fun than a custom made handbag?  I mean, really... see if you can name something!

4. Bower Bird Goodies

You'd be hard pressed not to find some treasure on Bowerbird's Etsy for a loved one. I think they have the most adorable jewelry.  Be sure to check them out!

More gift guides coming up! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Am Thankful.

There are a lot of Christmas-ey delights that I'm ready to tell you about, itching, in fact to show you,
I love Thanksgiving, and every year it sort of gets quieter and quieter
as we steamroll right by it in order to get directly to Christmas.  

And I'm not down with that.  

So without much ado, I'd like to declare 
that I am thankful

for John, and Mable,
our small little family.  

And also our extended family, which includes, but is not limited to (and listed alphabetically): 
Alyssa, Andrew, Beatrice, Carolina, Catherine, Chip, Jane, ( the little unnamed one inside of Jane), Jay, John, Kevin, Lynn, Merritt, Mike, Robyn, Sumner, Will, & baby William.

Also, our friends.  It's a blessing that there are too many to name.  

And lastly, for you, dear reader.  Thanks for visiting me from time to time.

That said,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Best baby costume:

Best wedding invitation:

Best kid's photo: 

Best mobile:

Best bridal bouquet:

Best lighting:

Best undies:

Best table:

Best entryway:

Best combo:

(all images via Pinterest.  I'm addicted!)

***also, the Bowerbird giveaway winner is Susan.  Thanks for entering!***

Friday, November 19, 2010

BowerBird GIVEAWAY! (closed)

You've already seen me fawn over Bower Bird, and you know how awesome it is because you've visited the site.  Now it's time for you to try to get your hands on this gorgeous vintage fan! I think this fan would make a lovely Christmas present for the girl you know that has no place to put her pretty earrings, don't you? To enter, leave a comment below!  A winner will be chosen at random over the weekend.  Good Luck to you and happy Friday!

The Perfect Outfit.

It's Friday!  Which means we can all begin to muse over mindless things, hooray!  In fact, I have a few of them for you to ponder, beginning with, what is the perfect outfit?

And, more importantly, what baby animal(s) would you prefer to play with for a day, if given the chance?

(baby chicks in your sink?)

(baby owls?)

(or french bulldog puppies!)

*My answer in the comment section.  Let me know yours!  

{all images via pinterest}

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I remember in our house growing up, it seems we had some of these end tables in our den or living room.  They looked like this and they opened up.  In fact I might've used them as a kid to hide candy and barbie dolls away from my sister.  It is a nostalgic piece of furniture but man is it u-g-l-y.  If you have one in your house I mean no offense!  I'm just suggesting that it still has potential as a...

doggy bed!  Yeah!  

Now if only Mable were the size of a little wiener dog.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BowerBird = !!!

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor!  Remember Kate, of adorable StellaJames Designs?  She's teamed up with her sis-in-law, the artist Laura Roebuck in creating the dreamiest Etsy of all time, Bowerbird, and the best part is, it launched today!  Just in time for collecting Christmas items for yourself!  (I mean, your loved ones...) so here goes, prepare to fawn over the awesomeness...

Here are a few of my favorite items up for grabs...

1. the gilded wings 

2. the lilac & butterflies

3. the mini satchel

4. the smokin' butterfly

5. the sweet-as-cherry-on-top necklace

And there are plenty more delights & treasures that you must see on Bowerbird! (And I'm happy to announce a Bowerbird giveaway from yours truly coming sooooooon. ) Happy shopping!

Behold: The Cookie That Will Break Your Heart.

Well, I hate to do this to you, I really do, but I must confess that when I said I had found the best chocolate cookie recipe in the world I might have lied.  Not intentionally, you see.  Normally I wouldn't say anything to you, because you are in possession of a wondrous, marvelous chocolate cookie recipe... but the holidays are coming up.  It wouldn't be right for you to not have a choice in the matter, would it? And so it is with you at the center of my best intentions that I present to you another (perhaps better) chocolate chip cookie recipe. Behold:

{photo via kissmyspatula}

The cookie that will break your heart.  That's the official name, I'm not being clever and I haven't actually made it yet, but I've read the description, and I highly respect the chef.  (She calls this cookie pure magic.) Plus, the photo looks like the kind of cookie you'd be an idiot to pass up.  I mean, look at that sheen in the middle.  You know you see it, that sparkly area that reflects the light.  You can tell that the oatmeal-y edges are crisp and that the center will deliver chewy goodness, same as you can tell that this mug was invented by a genius.

{photo via pinterest}

(And as soon as my husband sees that gizmo he's going to feel his life is incomplete without owning it, so if anyone has seen them around, tell me where!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nest Rest

How incredible are these nest rests?  I think they are awesome!  They look like human-sized bird houses... (and also a little bit like giant sized floating hershey kisses).  If I were five years old, this would be my dream spot to read my Berenstain Bears books...  although I have no idea how that guy got himself into the last one!

{images via black*eiffel}

***Also, Kathryn, you are the winner of the Bacon Neckwear giveaway!! Email me your info: & Congrats!***

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weddings + Giveaway = Happy Friday! (Closed)

{photos by jennifersosa}

There are two reasons why you should know about Cinelle.  The first is that she heads up Atelier, an Athens based bridal show which is utterly and hopelessly dedicated to making your wedding day fabulous in every possible way.  Here's the info:

Short Description: We are ATELIER, the first art- and style-focused bridal show in the Southeast. We are a select group of artists, designers, crafters, bakers, foodies, environment enthusiasts and lifestyle stylists. Come see us and what we can do to help make your big day unique, personal and sustainable.

Basically, they want to rock your wedding's face off, and make you an enviable bride.  So check out Atelier at their first fashion show (or soiree) on January 16th at Hotel Indigo!

Reason number two is because Cinelle is the designer/artisan behind Bacon Neckwear an adorable Etsy shop that sells custom & handmade neckties & bowties.  Aren't they awesome?  I love that striped bowtie and the polka dot tie (and am thinking they would look so good on John)... and I also love that she's having a giveaway!  Cinelle has generously offered up this adorable pastel skinny tie for a lucky winner!  (Ladies this would make a sweet gift for your man...)

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on TwinYolks!  A winner will be chosen at random over the weekend!  Good luck & be sure to check out Altelier & Bacon Neckwear.  Happy weekend!

***BACON is also available at Ohhboy! (Athens), PlainJane Designs (Athens), Elephant Trunk (Athens), Square Peg (Philadelphia), and Art Star Bazaar (Philadelphia).***

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things We Love.

Dear readers, it appears that I may have the flu.  Or a cold.  (Probably a cold.)  And I've been doing some thinking:  I think that you should know about Kate Spade's new inspiration book, Things We Love, because, well, you know you love Kate Spade.  Not to mention, this is the kind of book that would put Debby Downer in a good mood.  I mean, look at these things we love:

A little bit of sparkle?  


Peonies and gold confetti...?


Road trips & fortune cookies...?

Of course!

Stripes & the perfect red lipstick...?


As you can see this book looks like the happiest coffee table book ever made.  It's so perky!  It makes me think of "A Few of My Favorite Things" know... and then I don't feeeeel so baaaaaaaad.... This book may be the cure to the flu (or a cold). Thought you might like to jot it down on your Christmas wish list... another thing to love!

{images + inspiration via felt & wire}
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