Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Behold: The Cookie That Will Break Your Heart.

Well, I hate to do this to you, I really do, but I must confess that when I said I had found the best chocolate cookie recipe in the world I might have lied.  Not intentionally, you see.  Normally I wouldn't say anything to you, because you are in possession of a wondrous, marvelous chocolate cookie recipe... but the holidays are coming up.  It wouldn't be right for you to not have a choice in the matter, would it? And so it is with you at the center of my best intentions that I present to you another (perhaps better) chocolate chip cookie recipe. Behold:

{photo via kissmyspatula}

The cookie that will break your heart.  That's the official name, I'm not being clever and I haven't actually made it yet, but I've read the description, and I highly respect the chef.  (She calls this cookie pure magic.) Plus, the photo looks like the kind of cookie you'd be an idiot to pass up.  I mean, look at that sheen in the middle.  You know you see it, that sparkly area that reflects the light.  You can tell that the oatmeal-y edges are crisp and that the center will deliver chewy goodness, same as you can tell that this mug was invented by a genius.

{photo via pinterest}

(And as soon as my husband sees that gizmo he's going to feel his life is incomplete without owning it, so if anyone has seen them around, tell me where!)

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Cinelle and Stephen said...

I want that mug! And that cookie! How do you find these things?!?

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