Friday, November 19, 2010

The Perfect Outfit.

It's Friday!  Which means we can all begin to muse over mindless things, hooray!  In fact, I have a few of them for you to ponder, beginning with, what is the perfect outfit?

And, more importantly, what baby animal(s) would you prefer to play with for a day, if given the chance?

(baby chicks in your sink?)

(baby owls?)

(or french bulldog puppies!)

*My answer in the comment section.  Let me know yours!  

{all images via pinterest}


A.Kelley said...

Outfit number one is calling my name. I love that wrap! And I'd like to play with baby owls all day because I've never even seen one before!

Laura said...

My favorite outfit is number 3!! and I would love to play with baby owls all day too because I would like to hear them "whoo" and spin their heads around all day!

Cinelle said...

Outfit 2 is mine.

I want the baby chicks. Want. them. Will they ship via UPS?

A.Kelley said...

yeah and they will arrive just in time for christmas morning! xo

Anonymous said...

those are french bulldog puppies.

Meg said...

White tee, blue jeans. No shoes.

All. The. Way.

A.Kelley said...

they are! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Outfit #3 covers the most, so I'd go with that one. The baby bulldogs are adorable, but only as babies, so I'll take them!!! A dog wins every time for me!

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