Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Superior, Super.

We have high hopes for our blueberry bushes, purchased three weeks ago from Thyme After Thyme, one of the most delightful, magical nurseries in all the Southern Georgia land. The layout enchants you with it's elvish charm. The flowers are arranged in a forest of sorts, with whimsical garden ornaments springing up to announce the decorative, heart-warming joy that is gardening. If you visit Athens, visit Thyme After Thyme, just for a stroll. You'll feel the euphoric nature vibes, I promise.

We wanted two Brightwell blueberry bushes, based on the lilting name and the vigorous, healthy bush. However, in order for one to procreate, it must be pollinated by a different type of blueberry bush. The next lush looking one was the Climax, which we purchased with juvenile grins. If the birds and the bees do their job to nature's liking, someday there will be a Brightwell-Climax bush, flourishing with blueberries in our old backyard.

Blueberries are wonderful, are they not? As of late they are wonderfully expensive, especially when purchased out of season. Are they up to $6.00 a quart yet? Don't worry, the price will drop when they're in season... soon. And yet they still are worth buying and eating for their superior, "super" nutritional value. Right now I get them frozen and ration them into the Best of Pancakes.

I will try to be honest and true to you out there, especially with recipe descriptions. I promise not to over-exaggerate. That said, please believe me when I declare these to be the best Best of Pancakes I've ever had.

(My husband wanted me to say that if you went up to his "Best of Pancakes" recipe on the street and said "you know, you are the greatest stack of pancakes" they would say "fool...you don't even know me".)

If that doesn't win you over, I suppose nothing will.

They are so crisp, soft and salty-sweet you can gobble them up with or without syrup. Yes, it's true: with or without syrup. The tang of the blueberries adds a sweet surprise and the cake is melt-in- your-mouth satisfying. They accompany a Saturday morning of lounging, jazz in the background and your favorite (online) newspaper, (mine being The New York Times), so well you will want to repeat the routine again on Sunday morning, and every week after.

The Best of Pancakes

2 tablespoons canola or (vegetable) oil
1 egg

*1 cup milk
1 cup flour
2 tablespoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
5 or 6 blueberries per pancake

Add dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix. Add liquid ingredients one at a time, stir well. Make sure your batter is not too thick (see footnote). Heat griddle or pan to medium high heat and coat well with oil or butter. (Make sure the pan is hot before you put the batter in, if using, but do not burn butter.) Pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto griddle. Once the bubbles appear, place 5 to 6 blueberries on the pancake and flip when ready, about 30 seconds. Let the other side of the pancake rest long enough for the blueberries to dethaw, lowering heat if necessary and gently remove pancake. Serve.

* We use whole milk but 2% will do. You do not want the batter to get too thick. Add one extra tablespoon of whole milk if using.

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