Monday, April 13, 2009

Soften The Greens.

I'm happy to report the brussel sprout situation has been resolved, and tastily too. When you trim the thick, perky stalk free of leaves, and then discard any wilting (yellowing) leaves, the mighty bushel isn't quite so intimidating anymore.

See how manageable that is? Easy breezy. (Note the stem in the corner - that goes into the compost, nothing to be done about it, it's very tough.) The leaves are chopped and added to some already-simmering garlic, onion and ground lamb. Water probably needs to be added at some point, to soften the greens and voila!

I poured this mixture over steamed rice, sprinkled with goat cheese and... well, I think it made my husband happy, which is the standard by which I measure a recipe. (I should think about raising the bar a little, true.) I know I haven't given you an exact recipe, but that's because you probably don't need one. It's almost as though this dish cooks itself. The brussel sprout leaves need time (15+ minutes) to soften and if things start drying up and getting stuck to the pan, add water as needed. I put the lid on this dish at medium heat and let it be. I also snuck in some seasoning (salt, pepper, chili powder). You could substitute the ground lamb for ground anything, but the goat cheese is a flavor picker upper - so it stays.

I give this dish an overall 3 stars out of 5. Not a crowd pleaser, but a husband pleaser: uncomplicated and healthy. Oh, and an opportunity to reclaim some much needed refrigerator space.


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