Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Unshakeable Day.

Sometimes, it happens.  Like lightning, or a flash flood.  Like a cake turning out unexpectedly perfect, or a hairdo that is impenetrable to the wind.  Sometimes you find exactly the dress you were looking for, sometimes you wake up smiling.  Sometimes birthdays are wonderful.  This, my friends, is about as rare an event as can be.  It is like about as rare as the flying dream, or finding twenty bucks in a jacket you wore a year ago.  But it can happen, and for me, two days ago, it did happen.  I think I had a perfect birthday.

{photo via le love}

Of all days it happened to be on a Monday, and there was a paper due.  There was rain and there was homework but there was also a lot of happiness.  It was a day of realizing how good it is to hear the voices of family on the phone, and learning that your husband does have something up his sleeve after all (even though you thought the dog was your only gift) and that you have amazing friends.  Also, when you realize that you have a voicemail box full of people, one after the other, singing "Happy Birthday" on your phone, including your grandparents (who have perfected the song as a duet over the years)... I don't present can beat the good feeling that comes... thank you all for making it an unshakeable day.

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