Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet Like That.


You always go by too fast.  Somehow, just a little bit too fast.  Even though we complain about your heat and the ways in which you overstay your welcome - we still miss you when you fade into the background.  And even though you drive us all crazy and restless with your high temperatures, you bring a lot of good into the world.  We like you for that good.  We like you for the way you make the days long.  We like to see you bring fruits to fruition and flowers to bloom.  You're sweet like that.  You were good to us this year, Summer, so come back soon... but not too soon.

Respectfully yours,


John said...

Too true! I will surely miss her when I get cold. Just tell Summer to make my tomatoes grow a little better next time.

Patty said...

Yes, I was desperately trying to convince myself of the good things when I was miserably hot: the fresh locally-grown produce, the chance to go swimming...

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