Friday, September 24, 2010

The Week At End.

The weekend is upon us!  Time for some fun. Hopefully the weather will be awesome, Mable won't get too carsick on our drive to Chattanooga, the Dawgs will win and I'll manage to squeeze in some studying.  How about you?  Whatever your plans, hope you enjoy yourself and these pictures of some of the best houses in Athens. 


Stephanie Pons said...

Ah, I love the steep roof lines on these homes. Just gorgeous!

Enjoy your trip to Chatty! Wish I was gonna be there.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annie, darling ;)

kim said...

um where is MY house!? haha. kidding. just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY even though you didn't announce it on your bloggity blog. and i also wanted to say that some of our very favorite family dinner recipes have come from you. i am glad you were born, and so happy that you share your recipes with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just stumbled upon your blog - I live in Athens too. Love the pics of the houses!

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