Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Slice Of Heaven.

Because today is quickly becoming a day where nothing goes as planned, I want you all to know that there is a recipe out there that will make life better.  This is the kind of recipe that works as a iron-plated shield to guard  you from all the migraines, tests, bills, disobedient pets, slow post offices and automated voice messaging systems. 

 This recipe will help protect you from the bad by reminding you of so much heavenly melted blue cheese goodness.  Also, it will surprise you with its ease.  So if your day is completely sucking and you have to go to the grocery store on top of everything else: pick up some Wild Turkey Figs, a slab of blue cheese and some pancetta (from the deli man).  Then, go home and stuff those figs with blue cheese, wrap them with pancetta, drizzle with olive oil and slide them into the oven immediately:  pull them out when the cheese has melted and the pancetta is crisp and tune out the world.  This is it.  You are enjoying what they call a slice of heaven.  


Lauren Johnson said...

hell yes! i have been waiting for this. i am drooling and on my way to grocery store to get what i need to make this ASAP!

Anonymous said...

I'm on my way too, L A. I am always looking for something different and spectacular for our supper club and this is it. Thanks so much Annie. You're so creative and fun!

ktboogie said...

Alas, all the figs up here in Astoria, NY have ripened and gone! But they were stellar while they lasted and my freezer is full of gorgeous whole green and purple figs to roast as a treat in the fall. Have you tried them with gorgonzola yet?

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