Monday, June 22, 2009

The Way Things Are.


A part of me is hoping you haven't noticed my obvious absence and my scattered unlenghthy posts... but then of course a part of me is hoping you have. If you have not noticed, great! If you have noticed, I'm sorry.

To be honest, I have plenty of excuses. This past weekend was a lot of things: busy, fun, tearful, exciting, sad, delicious, (quite tasty, in fact, for a Friday and a Saturday) hot (as in 100 degrees F), and a little sentimental (John took me to have a sushi dinner last night in honor of Father's Day. ) and enjoyable.

You see how a bouncing ball of ever-changing emotions like me might have a little trouble sitting down to write about Burgundy beans. Even though Burgundy beans are quite something.

Not to mention trying to muster up the bravery to confront one of the most horrific To-Do Lists in my personal repertoire (which, for me, is pretty bad). "The List", I'm afraid, is turning into the Lernaean Hydra. I battle and wage war with all my might to knock off one item on the list, and up sprout several more in its place. Did I really think going back to school would be as easy as hopping onto the Hogwarts Express? Apparently so.

It's been so helter-skelter (yes, helter-skelter) that I've not even bought camera batteries to document the good or the bad. And there has been some good... as in, peach-cobbler-with- homemade-vanilla-ice-cream-good.

I've also been watching Babe. Which is always wonderful. John and I have been watching it together bit by bit, maybe a "chapter" or two at night. Whenever something I don't particularly like happens (not in the movie, but in my life) I give him a pitiful look, quote the tiny, dramatic mice and say in my best helium influenced voice, "A tragic day," and he turns and looks at me and says in his best snooty lamb voice that "The way things are is the way things are."

It's stuff like that that gets me through. And knowing that the peach cobbler recipe was a success (something I needed after the chocolate souffle bomb), easy and right here.


Chantal said...

I have been missing reading your post for a while now. I'm happy that you are back today and wrote this post. Be easy on yourself. Going back to school, preparing good meals, all of that, takes time. I myself, have been neglecting my blog also. I had problems with my pc but also, I have to admit, the nice weather is here and I want to be outside, playing in the flowers, keeping the pool clean and entertaining whenever that is possible. the season is short here, or at least it start later. It's our national holiday tomorrow and in our municipality, they are having activities today and tonight closing off with fireworks.I hope you have a wonderful day and I always like to read your post even thow I don't leave comments all the time. I read it everytime.

anna j said...

Take care, dear and, please, be easy on yourself! many of us are right with you in the helter-skelter department, and so completely understand . . . tonight my mom and stepdad and i joked about our seeming inability to accomplish what we set out to do in the day . . . but when it came down to it, all was well as we ate a simple, but delicious dinner together in a messy, but homey, household :-) on another note, i was thinking about how you and my mom would do well to exchange recipes: she is an amazing cook, for sure. tonight she cooked up the freshly-caught rainbow trout i brought home along with what she called her "hamburger helper" but which was really a fine casserole stocked with hearty staples and fresh veggies . . . and her homemade/homegrown strawberry and rhubarb cobbler :-)

A.Kelley said...

Wow, I'm a lucky little blogger to have you both say such nice, thoughtful, encouraging things to me. THANK YOU for reading!

Anna J - send me some recipes!!!

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