Monday, June 29, 2009

Greetings From The Animal Farm.

John and I are taking care of Greendale Farm this week or, "Farm-Sitting'', to be precise. The undertaking has been underway for one full day and we are happy to report that all animals are alive and well. In fact, they would like to meet you. Allow me to introduce you. Here are ''the girls'':

Well, one of them anyway. There are many free range chickens, hens, and a rooster or two, which means there are also plenty guessed it:

...delicious organic eggs. (If you live near Athens or Madison, you should be snatching them up.)

Oh, and the pigs would also like to make your acquaintance.

Or so I thought.

Moving on, there is Zulu, a gorgeous (rare?) Rhodesian Ridgeback who is as cuddly, sweet and friendly as any enormous dog can be.

And his pal Impy, a Jack Russel Terrier.

(From what we've gathered, Zulu and Impy are best friends.)

And oh, look, somebody really did want to meet you...

So we've got a lot to do, and a lot to learn, but so far it has been an utter delight, even if the rooster does indeed wake us up at the crack of dawn. (That's when we need to get up anyway to make the food delivery rounds. Which we get to do on a golf cart loaded with feed. No complaints there!) I am thrilled you got to meet everyone. Don't worry, we'll all be back soon.

p.s. I really enjoyed reading your responses to my latest post. Thank you for reading the article. I hope to be talking more about it soon...


Chantal said...

What a great experience it must be for both of you. Thank you for introducing the 'girl' and the other farm friends. I like Zulu & Impy. The picture are great. As for the rooster, I remember in Dominican Republic, the rooster would scream (well you know what I mean) anytime of the day, from dust till dawn. We thought it was funny. Enjoy the experience!

anna j said...

What beautiful "neighbors" you have at the moment . . . reminds me of my own agricultural surroundings these days :-) And I know they are happy to be cared for by such kind folks as you and John! Have fun!

Andree said...

What a beautiful place!
Love the photos...

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