Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh Happy (Thurs) Day.

Last week, amidst the moving chaos, I had to figure out how to transport our above Thursday Athens Locally Grown pick-up. Most of our veggies were still fresh, though we’d been ignoring them for the easy bread and hummus stomach-filler. Yet, there was so little to throw away.

Our move was too close by to invest in a big cooler and too far to not use one since the heat has arrived, so we made a game plan: John loaded the truck with some of our boxes (thanks, Morecrafts) and blasted the air conditioning while I packed the veggies (I had fennel! Strawberries! Cucumbers!) in cardboard boxes laden across little ice packs. When he signaled ‘ready’ we raced to the truck with our food (milk, meat, eggs, too) and loaded it in the front seat, scurried over to our new abode, and fast-as-lightning unloaded it into the new refigerator. Phew.

As I passed my husband running to the truck with my arms full of a box of iced greens, he looked at me and said, “You look like you have an iced heart you are taking for emergency transplant.”

Geez. That was the first time I thought very hard about whether or not I was going a little overboard in the food department. It was June, and it was time for me to eat at a proper restaurant.

Everyone has their indulgences, mine being a big, fat, juicy chicken chimichanga from Auga Linda, accompanied by what we like to call a “fro marg” (that’s John’s cheesy slang for frozen margarita) and, when you are exhausted beyond the point of no return, you should have one. Moving is hard, and weird, and you can catch yourself doing things that people who aren’t in the midst of moving might call “bizarre.” I might have rushed my food around like an EMT with a precious, life-saving organ, but really, I was the one who needed a little (life?) support, and in the end, eating cheap, delicious Mexican food was what might’ve saved me.

Now I’m moved in, my kitchen is ready, and just in time. I’m feeling re-energized and today is my pick up day. Readers, I’m getting this:

Items ordered on May 31, 2009

1 x Arugula = $3.00
1 x Asparagus--Fresh = $4.50
1 x Basil - Spicy Globe = $4.00
1 x Beans - Green = $4.00
1 x Beef -- Ground = $5.00
1 x Bread -- Sour Dough Hand = $5.00
1 x Cilantro = $2.50
1 x Collard Greens = $2.00
1 x Cucumber -- Suyo Long = $2.25
1 x Dill = $2.00
1 x Hot Peppers - Jalapenos = $3.50
1 x Peas - Snow Pea = $3.50
1 x Peppers - Sweet Banana = $3.50
1 x Potatoes -- Yukon Gold and Kennebec = $3.00
1 x Salad Mix = $4.00
1 x Spinach -- Melody and Space Organic Hybrid = $4.00
1 x Squash -- Baby Zucchini (green) = $3.00
1 x Tomatoes -- CNG mix = $4.00

Total: $62.75

It’s true, they’ve arrived. My tomatoes, and none too soon.


mrs boo radley said...

Lovely! A small price to pay for all of that bounty...

A.Kelley said...

I know! And it lasts for such a long time :)

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