Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Match For The Darkside.

Darth Vader was never all bad. He was seduced by the Darkside of the Force for fear of losing his one true love. I feel you, Darth. Over the past few days, the voice of the angel on my shoulder, my dearest Annie, began to wane and all I could hear was “lamburger pillow” and “egg blanket”. The mad-scientist from within beckoned me to CREATE! I hope I haven’t failed the faithful followers of Twin Yolks. I don’t think this will be considered a complete betrayal as I have attempted to incorporate all things local and fresh into this dish, and borrowed/stolen previous recipes posted by the true genius-on-hiatus. Were it not for her culinary skills, I would not be able to present to you now:

Breggfast in Bed!

What you are looking at is perhaps the first of its kind: a deviation of the lamburger pillow that I like to call the “sausage pillow” resting upon a soft, feathery “egg blanket”, consisting of fresh eggs from the Tennessee Valley (as I am currently in Chattanooga, TN), arugula and fresh garlic from Backyard Harvest farm outside of Athens, GA, and a bit of manchego cheese from EspaƱa (pardon the few local deviations, as I’m away from our safety net). For directions on how to cook, see previous postings on egg scrambles and lamb sausage patties to make this dish a true hit. May the force be with you, as it obviously was with me:


A.Kelley said...

" we'll blow your planet up! "

Nice to see you haven't veered too far off the local train.

Can't wait be served some breggfast in bed (?)

Love you,


A.Kelley said...

*TO be served ;)

Lenora Jane said...

Hahhahaha. I love that John is the guest blogger. I want me some breggfast in bed!

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