Monday, January 10, 2011

Wish Us Luck.

John and I started our detox today.  It was a goal for the New Year.  This morning I awoke to find the ground covered in snow, which is awesome, but snow seems kind of lonely without hot coffee.

Instead it was a berry blast smoothie, complete with whey protein and milled flax seeds.  Yummy.  I know I do not sound enthused about this detox (which was not my idea), but then again, when I think for a moment over the long list of bad food products I have consumed over the past few weeks alone, I start nodding my head and get re-energized for detox program 2011.  It is only a few days anyway.  Okay, I'm still justifying myself.  I'll stop rambling.

(Wish us luck!)


Lydia said... way. John and I are starting our detox today too. I'm sure yours is more intense than ours. We did a protein shake (bleh..I am NOT a smoothie person) with frozen blueberries, raspberries, banana, whey protein, milk, cinnamon. Then a salad with lots of anti-oxidant rich veggies and 1/2 cup of beans with balsamic vinegar. Then fish and broccoli for dinner. Also supposed to drink green tea. We'll see how it goes! I'm already starving :(

Lydia said...

Oh and ours is cool with coffee, just no cream and sugar or sugar substitutes. I can't give up coffee, and it's not worth the headaches I'd get for 3 days. I'm not an all-day coffee consumer. I just need that one cup in the morning.

I'm sick as it is right now so I can't taste much...figured it was a good time to do it!

A.Kelley said...

Wow that is crazy! Glad to know there are people out there suffering too. Well, our detox sounds similar, you eat specific meals for 7 days and then on the eighth day... only "miracle juice" :( we'll see how it goes, I have missed the coffee but no headaches yet, surprisingly.

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