Friday, January 14, 2011

Along The Lines.

Along the lines of the rustic look, I'm seeing lots of images lately of ladders in bathrooms or elsewhere in the home.  I think they look good.  In fact, I am going to keep my eye out for one, even though there is nowhere to put it right now, eventually it could serve as something useful.  Perhaps in the bathroom for towels?  Put a bird on?  Hang objects from? Bedside table? They don't have to serve a purpose at all, except to look nice.

Also, I am also on the lookout for one of these vintage espresso makers.  They are so cool!  Where do you find them?  Any suggestions?  (My tip for finding a ladder is at an antique store, but no luck spotting the espresso maker yet.)  I would like to indulge once I am allowed coffee again! 

{images via pinterest}


Lydia said...

My sister bought one and hung it from her kitchen ceiling to use as a pot rack. It's really cute.

A.Kelley said...

Lucky! I'm on the lookout!

Cara said...

I saw the expresso maker at Target. No cute designs, but just plain silver.

Xinamarie ~ Yes, that would be me! said...

Ciao there,
the espresso pot is a staple in Italian homes. I know I have 3 and my Nonna has a few also. They are called mocha pots and a quick search on Google will find you loving life for the variety.
Happy hunting!

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