Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Do You Think?

Since summer classes are fairly long (2 hrs) and I have two of them every day, I've already learned that professors don't like to talk for two hours straight.  It strains their voice, which is................. a shame.  Anyway, it means we have to watch a video instead.  Upsetting, I know.  Today I'm doing the same and presenting a short but very interesting video where Michael Pollan discusses food labeling in supermarkets.  Whether you agree with his policies or not, you should thank me for finding the shortest video of Michael Pollan talking on the web.  Also, I would sincerely love to know what YOU think about what he says.

P.S.  sorry his face is so huge.  if it's too annoying for you, go here.


ee said...

this is great. i was having a similar conversation about this earlier me this kind of thing is a no-brainer. sure, i eat chips and other crap sometimes, but i am fully aware that it is baaaaad for me. :) it's sad that some people eat the same old food with new labels and think that they're making some sort of lifestyle change.


A.Kelley said...

erin, i agree. i sort of suspect that he really wants to tell people to never go to the supermarket at all, but it's just unrealistic for most people. i like his point that local growers can't afford advertising... it is a really good one, and true.

annajouj said...

I was thinking of you last night, about how proud you would be of our dinner: we stocked up at the local farmer's market and, as we sat down, I grinned at my plate and commented on how beautifully bright it was: lettuce, radishes, beets, spinach, carrots--all straight from the farm, making for a picture-perfect plate :-)

Patty said...

I am almost through reading Omnivore's Dilemma and looking forward to reading his newer more positive book. Like anything, moderation is good. As a general rule, choose something less processed over something more processed. Like real cheese is better than cheese flavored product. Locally-made organic cheese is even better. Life is full of compromises and you have to keep from making yourself crazy!

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