Monday, June 14, 2010

Flower Power.

Some images sort of make me sigh and croon and place my hand over my heart.  Sometimes this is especially surprising because they have nothing to do with food.  Here's a prime example:

[photo via design sponge]

Why is this the best?  You could argue that it is the view that makes this image spectacular, or you could point out that it is the flower placement inside the kitchen, but I think it is the idea that the inside flowers - as charming as they are - came from directly outside, possibly from the garden in the view? 

[photo via design sponge]

I know it seems obvious that flowers and plants inside the home are pretty.  But I think that they go beyond aesthetic value, especially in today's world.  There is so much junk in the world right now - and there's plenty to feel overwhelmed about.  Two words: oil spill.  (I'll just say that this article will spell it out for you more clearly and this one will too... just in case.)  The simple appearance of flowers in the home can make you feel better about life.  They hold that much power, they hold that much optimism.  And although my home doesn't look this cool, and I have yet to scope out interesting vintage containers that look perfectly French, I'll show you a few examples in my home anyway, along with the statement of the fact that waking up to these flowers was/is heavenly.  At the very least, try to plant (or snip) more for your home in your spare time and see what an impact they have on you.  Also, I hope that at least these photos brightened up your Monday!  (Or the professional ones, anyway...)


P.S.  Also, here is a lovely post by my friend Tacy from Homemaking Habits - On Beauty.  Enjoy!


Lenore said...

Beautiful images - thanks!


dulci said...

those hydrangeas are lovely!!

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