Friday, June 11, 2010

TGIF, Grilled Pizza Edition.

Right now, in this very moment, I wish I had a puppy.  Something soft and cuddly to pet and play with, a friendly pal to sit in my lap, or lick my face.  Or maybe even two. Yes, I'll take two of these guys, please.


Yet instead I have a test this afternoon, a test which I'd feel a little more prepared for if I had these little guys by my side.  You a cute distraction?  Tangible affection? Moral support?  It's difficult to explain what I mean.  Maybe you understand?   Anyway, since this isn't a possibility for me right now, something has to be enough.  It has to be enough that today is finally Friday, and that tonight John and I are going to make some grilled pizzas.

[photo, instructions & recipe here]

These pizzas are unbelievably delicious. Never, will you ever need to order one again, and the dough is easily supplied from local pizzerias and/or supermarkets (and, of course, you can make it yourself).  We've made them before and I have the photos to prove it, but I'm typing this in the library, so no photographic evidence for now (sorry). Ours was a smoked salmon, capers & dill concoction, but the beauty of grilled pizzas is that pretty much any combination will be delicious, because they are grilled.  The very same leek and pecorino pizza recipe would taste even better grilled.  For some reason, the thought of eating these pizzas on a Friday night with John is the next best thing, in my opinion, to (not) having two puppies.  Let that sentence stand as a testament to how phenomenal they are. So invite your friends, tell them to bring a few toppings and let the festivities begin.... it is finally Friday!


Lauren Johnson said...

if you got a dog, Trav and I would help you take care of it..just saying.

A.Kelley said...

I'll tell John! :)

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