Monday, July 20, 2009

A Borrowed Life.

There is something about this place. Green Dale Farm, that is. John and I are back here for the next two weeks. In case this seems confusing, we did a four day stint a few weeks back to grow accustomed to the daily routines, and now the owner is in South Africa with his family while we manage their farm.

We've been entrusted with the care of countless hens, two dogs, two cats, one fish, one bunny, six ducks and twelve muddy pigs, one of which is expecting. In addition to providing for them, we also collect around two hundred eggs per day. (Sidenote: double twinyolks for breakfast this morning!)

Maybe that sounds like a lot of labor under the Southern July sun, but we are enjoying every moment we have out here. Perhaps not the initial moment of waking up, which is at a godforsaken hour, but once the coffee reaches our bloodstream we become aware of how magical and pleasant this farm life is: it is almost like waking up to find you get to play around in a dream.

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