Thursday, July 9, 2009


It is safe to say


(or its logo)

wouldn't exist



He tastes

all recipes: the

good, the bad,

and the ugly,

and he proof-reads

every draft.

He's the best.

Happy Birthday John!


Khaki said...

Amen to that. Behind every successful and happy woman is a good man. I thank God for the wonderful gift He gave me 26 years ago on my birthday.

Donn said...

Happy birthday, John. I hope you get a Dutch oven for your Dutch baby.

I don't think that makes sense, but just typing "Dutch oven" makes me giggle.

Keep up the goodness, Annie.

Chantal said...

Happy birthday, John.
C'est à ton tour de te laisser parler d'amour!
It's a french version of Happy bithday song here in Quebec, Canada. Many more!

anna j said...

Happy Birthday John!
Thanks for being such a find husband to one of the best blogging women I know :-)
p.s. Ngili ngindo ma ma, mbela mbela. Yieee!
[that is a version of happy b-day/anniversary in Nyanja, from one of the Zambian villages where I worked]

nestegg said...

Happy Birthday John!
Did he design your banner? I love it.
Hope you're well. Keep on blogging!
Blogging Buddy

John said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes to all! I really appreciate the multicultural birthday tunes. The day was a lovely event. We ate lots of cheese...and felt it. So I washed it down with a birthday martini. Cheers!

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