Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Help, Friends, Help!

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about school (and how lackluster I've felt lately concerning assignments) and she looked at me and said, "Uh-oh, you've got Senior-itis."

But spelled, Senior-itis looks really weird.  Senioritis?  Is that better?  

Anyway,  she was so right.  I've got a major outbreak... you remember what it was like to be in school, so close to graduating but the weather so unbelievable you thought... papers?  What papers???  

If you can offer up some words of encouragement, wisdom, advice or tips on how to push through the burn and get that diploma I would be so grateful.  (You can even yell at me through the comments section.  I deserve it.  I've been playing Texas Hold'em on John's phone when I have novels to read.)

 Please share your secret tips!

I'd be so grateful.  Thank you :)


Lydia said...

There's no cure! I remember it so well. Mine was particularly bad because I had a summer-long backpacking trip to Europe to look forward to, so I was like, "See ya, Athens!" The only thing to remember is, you WILL, if you're like me and I think you are, look back and think "I miss classes! I miss walking on campus! I miss being forced to examine a book!" Remember when you first started your blog and you were about to start school again and you were dreaming about school supplies and taking notes and such? Think back on those days...before you immediately look back out the window and see how glorious it is outside :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lydia! I miss school. Try reading your novels outside and have the best of both worlds! Just think, if you weren't in school, wouldn't reading a novel while laid out in the sun sound like a lovely idea?!

Karla said...

Don't look at this because it is ridiculously distracting/amazing.


For reals though, you should probably drink a lot of coffee to read faster. yep, that is a good idea!

Patty said...

OK, I'm the old fogey grumpy Mom-lady. You get to read novels? Man, what a life! Some of us have to go to work and try to read when we are falling asleep. Seriously, being able to write papers is a decadent luxury. Take advantage of it. More practically, set goals and reward yourself with a break outside every hour or so, you lucky dog!

A.Kelley said...

Okay okay okay! I hear you all! Attitude of gratitude. I'll work on it... :) Thanks for the encouragement.

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