Monday, April 11, 2011

Hats ON!

Lately I've been wishing that women wore hats more often.  Why does it seem like they'll never come back in style?  Are women afraid of hats?  Where did they go?  They're still in England, that is for sure, and I think Kate Middleton's gonna bring them back.  That or there will be so many in attendance at the Royal Wedding, hopefully people will start to think about it.  Not to beat it over the head or anything but  a woman who wears a hat in today's society is automatically a Bad-A: confident, striking, poised and interesting.  Let's bring them back.  Who's with me?


{photos via the sartorialist and pinterest}


Lily said...

I have four fabulous hats on my dresser... I need to brave up and wear them out! Love these photos!

A.Kelley said...

Yeah! I'm trying to get brave enough to wear one on Easter.... I can just see myself feeling nervous about wearing it and then forgetting it is on my head after 2 minutes. :)

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