Thursday, March 24, 2011

Someone Pinch Me.

What is your dream vacation?  A few nights in an igloo?  French chateau?  English cottage?  Campground in Chile?  I'm obsessed with this travel website welcomebeyond because they feature the most unique properties in the entire world and then give reasonable rates.  You can even stay in a treehouse in Sweden, (which is what I think I would choose).  Although I don't know, how many people can say they've vacationed in an igloo which is fully equipped with a bar and a sauna?  

It's a tough call.

Which one would you choose?

{website found via missmoss}

1 comment:

Laura said...

I would stay in no. 3, whichever that is. no. 4 looks great too!! However, I don't think I would stay in an igloo... that man's face carved in the wall is a little freaky :)

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