Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Milk-Drinker's Dilemma

My second article for Flagpole was printed today. This one was a bit of a doozy to write (it took me several weeks and it took me away from TwinYolks for a spell). It's about raw milk vs. pasteurized milk. I thought many of you would enjoy reading about the issue - which is, I soon discovered - kind of a controversial one. Let me know what you think! It is right here waiting for you. Enjoy.


Marilyn said...

Annie, great article as usual. At first I did not understand why this would be such a controversial article, but after reading it I could see it being tricky- especially the publishing part. Anyways, be encouraged and keep going!

anna j said...

Wonderful, Annie!!! Ever since realizing that only when I was drinking raw milk was I actually inclined to enjoy it did I begin to wonder about the benefits . . . and I'm sold!
Thanks for spreading the good milk news :-)

Chantal said...

The article is very interesting. Your writting is professional. Congrats. As for raw milk or pasteurize, I don't drink it anymore! Ever since, I feel better. No more ackes and pains. I prefer rice beverage or almond beverages. I can find calcium in spinach, brocoli, almonds. I still eat organic yogourt, but is it realy organic? With marketing these days, who knows? When it comes to feeding ourselfs, it can become a headacke. I prefer the mediterranian diet. Fish, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grain.

Mary Morrow said...

Annie- loved reading this. Your writing really is great! I noticed the person who commented on soy milk (article)...and above, the organic yogurt thing. What are your thoughts about that? I would love to know.

Hope y'all are well. We miss Athens! Oh and Nathan and I are becoming a part of grow alabama...similar to alg. I am excited to have found out that something like that exists here!

kim said...

"fresh milk" not "raw milk" - i love it! great article annie! you covered both sides well.

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