Friday, February 4, 2011

Ideas I Love.

Ah, Valentine's day is lighting up the blog world, but I must confess... my husband and I have botched Valentine's day, someway, somehow, since we've begun dating.  We approach this day like clumsy people with two left feet.  The charges against each other are long, and include forgetting the actual day and some very sad looking flowers (neon colored carnations).  
But who cares.  Messing up Valentine's day makes me love him even more.  And right now I thought I'd share some other "loves" of mine.  Here is some of the great stuff I've been poring over this week.  Enjoy.

Fat babies. 

Houses surrounded by mountains.

This portrait, which is on sale here, and which I think is lovely.

Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with treehouses?

And this room, too, is the only room I will ever want in life.  That ceiling!  That tub!  That skylight! That painting! Love.

This one needs no explanation, right? 

{Most photos via pinterest}


kim said...

Love the new header, Annie! Great pictures for a rainy blah morning. I think for my next vacation I will find a still lake and lie on the dock with a book. ahhhh.

alyssa Park said...

I know you're eyeing that louis vuitton bag in that badroom...

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