Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How To Stay Warm.

My goodness it was so cold today!  I'm glad that {Wit + Delight} posted some rad ways to stay warm!  Usually when I'm cold I drink tea and take a looooooong soak in the tub but that's because I didn't have a twosome blanket!  (Or those awesome topshop slippers.) How do you stay warm?


jennywren said...

LOVE that bathtub tray! so cute!

I stay warm by bundling up in blankets, slippers, and sitting by the fire!

Patty said...

Cooking warms up the house and me, especially baking. I have a woodstove with a comfy couch and afghans too. On cold sunny days, it is pretty nice in our house because of lots of south-facing windows (passive solar) and good insulation and construction. Sadly, my oven died the day before Thanksgiving and Thermador apparently doesn't make parts for anything over 5 years old. It's looking like it can't be fixed...and it's going to be nearly impossible to replace because it's in a granite counter! My dream house is falling apart! I hate living in a disposable culture.

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