Friday, March 26, 2010

The Simple Declaration.

When I sat down to write this post, my heart started racing and I couldn't form a sentence. I think that's what you might call a mild anxiety attack, but it was nothing too serious. Then after deleting at least fifteen sentences I felt like crying. I felt really guilty about leaving, and especially for not saying goodbye... or telling you how school is going, or giving you a recipe during what was a seemingly neverending winter. And then I started to feel overwhelmed by the blogging and the emotion and the guilt and I almost deleted this paragraph! But I'm not going to delete this paragraph, even though it is very poorly written and I probably should. I won't because it is the simple declaration that I'm returning to you with virtual flowers and virtual chocolates and (soon) virtual recipes and a very non virtual, sincere, "I'M SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME." And I think, for now, it's best to keep it at that.

See you soon.


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

No need for apologies, I'll take virtual chocolates any day! And don't let blogging give you anxiety---we want you to have fun : )
XO Katie

Chantal said...

I love chocolat! So nice to have you back!

Patty said...

nice to hear from you. Looking forward to hearing about school! You go, girl!

anna j said...

Oh rapturous delight . . . you're back! I just discovered you were back in blog-land and wanted to say that I'm thrilled! No apologies ever needed, just know that we blog fans appreciate you :-)

A.Kelley said...

Thank you all SO MUCH!

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