Thursday, October 8, 2009

Whilst Waiting.

It is kind of the awkward time for vegetables. The in-between phase. Nothing new is rolling in and the summer crops are still hanging around. I don't know. It's kind of annoying. It's like getting ready to take a rather exhausting guest to the airport only to find their flight has been delayed and they are staying for another night. Or that haircut you had in college that was too short but took an unusually long time to grow out, so you walked around looking kind of awful. I don't know. Summer's doing that really rude, lingering thing that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

Which makes it a little bit difficult to get excited about food. In fact, John and I have been so unenthusiastic about food we talked about detoxing. There's one we found where you only drink fruit juice for two days which seems like the sort of thing that would get me back into food, but... meh. The other day I told him we were getting back on the healthy food train (we've slipped a little bit, as of late) and then I made a batch of chocolate chip & oatmeal cookies. I don't know what my problem is.

I think I'm just ready for school. Anyway, enough moaning. Instead of talking about food today I had one idea I wanted to tell you about, which I think is pretty genius. Whilst waiting for the cold to come I have decided to buy a plant a week.

Specifically an herb. You know that for the price of those little packaged sprigs you find at the grocery store you can buy the whole plant. This one is lemon-thyme and it cost a whole $2.50. Anyway the plan is to get a little herb collection going in my kitchen, so that when it is freezing outside and I do feel like cooking, I can pluck a few stems from a friendly little kitchen plant. Yes, I could run out and buy tons of herbs from a greenhouse and set them around all at once, but I like doing it this way. It somehow feels more sincere.

This way, when I get tired of cold and winter, I'll be surrounded by a mini-greenhouse. And I'll not have to send John out in the freezing winter night to get parsley because I'll be snipping it off from my warm, cozy kitchen. Brilliant. I'm preserving a little bit of summer for when the time comes (and it surely will) that I'm moaning and groaning about winter. (You should do it too, we'll feel so prepared together.)

P.S. For those of you who may be disappointed there's no recipe today, click HERE. You know I wouldn't let ya down.


Patty said...

You can bond with each one and get to know it. Although I never find indoor herbs as luxuriant as ones in the ground. Let's organize a croquet tournament while it's still warm!

b wingfield said...

I love the photography in this post. What kind of filtering are you using or are you just getting really fun and creative in photoshop?

A.Kelley said...

Hey girl - I've been putting it on vivid and/or neutral settings. It really makes for a brighter picture, glad you like it! :)

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